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Belly Dance

Lizet has been teaching belly dance since 2011 and primarily focuses on Tribal Belly Dance. She is an ATS (American Tribal Style) Certified Instructor with Carolena Nericcio, Director of Fat Chance Belly Dance. She is currently teaching this format, Tribal Fusion and Choreography.

Her teaching style is a bit unique in that she is more interested in having fun, than being perfect. She has taught Tribal Belly Dance to ages 9-65 and all body types. Almost anyone can do this form of dance and have fun while exercising. Plus it's always fun to get dressed up in costume.

What is ATS? - American Tribal Style Belly Dance is a form of belly dance that is like a language. The leader gives a cue that lets the other dancers know what the next move will be. ATS is a lot of fun, tones muscles and will allow you to dance in harmony with anyone who speaks/dances the same language.